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You provide the essence of our blog and the inspiration to our readers, and we could not be more grateful to you. We pride ourselves on featuring your hard work in a professional and beautiful environment. Our features are stylish, unique, current, beautiful, as well as heart-felt. We can't wait to hear from you!
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Are you a Reverie Gallery Collaborative Network Member? (Only Members can submit their work to Reverie Gallery starting January 2017) If you are not a member please email carianne@reveriegallery.com for information on membership. *

Before you start your submission, make sure you have the following in front of you so you can send it all in during this one session!
• Permission to submit
• All of your photos re-sized to 1200 pixels wide (for either vertical or horizontal posts) at 72dpi with no watermarks
• A 3-4 sentence quote from the couple and/or the wedding planner about the wedding planning inspiration
• A 3-4 sentence quote from a second vendor about their experience with the wedding
• One favorite image that represents the shoot or event.
There is no way to re-access a submission after it has been submitted to add more info, and without all of these pieces, submissions may not be considered, or worse, may be significantly delayed in processing so make sure you have all of your ducks in a row!

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Please copy/paste a 3-5 sentence description from the couple or the event planner on their experience planning and inspiration for this event or shoot: *

Please copy/paste a 3-5 sentence description from the photographer or an additional vendor on their experience with working on this event or shoot: *

Has this feature ever been published before? *

If it's been published where has it been published and approximately when?

If this a first/run feature meaning it hasn't been published yet, do you agree to hold off from publishing it on other major wedding blogs or magazines until 6 months after our scheduled feature? (first run features receive higher priority processing time).

Photography requirements:
• Photo of the bride(s) and groom(s) (2-3 images)
• Getting ready details (2-3 images)
• Ceremony (2-4 images)
• Reception/Party (2-4 images)
• Formal/Portrait Shots (2-4 images)
• Please include as many design detail images as possible for: bouquets, boutoinnieres, shoes and bridal accessories, reception room before guests have entered, table-scapes, table settings, escort card display, unique details including favors and signs, stationery, ceremony setting before guests have entered. Please only include images you wish to be published and include the best of the best.

Please confirm that all images are resized to 1200 pixels wide at 72dpi (for both vertical and horizontal images) and do not have watermarks applied: *

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Vendor Credits
Making sure that all vendors get their well-deserved credit on our blog posts is very important to us so please include all vendors who were a part of the event or shoot. For engagements and portrait sessions, please include the photographer, any vendors involved in styling, and hair or makeup stylists. For weddings or celebrations please include all vendors who took part in the event or styled shoot at time of submission.

Please type in the Vendor Company Name, Web Address, and Email Address for every vendor here (if it's easier, create your list first in word and copy paste here): *

Submissions Agreement:
We request that submissions be first-run features, meaning they have not been published by any other major blogs or magazines prior to being featured on Reverie Gallery. If you have a feature that is not first run, we may choose to publish it, however first-run features receive higher SEO so they are a higher priority for our submissions team. 

Please read our terms below and click "Yes" to agree to our submissions terms before sending your submission:
• I have the right to submit these photos for publication, and if I am not the photographer I have received permission to submit these photos to Reverie Gallery.
• I have informed all involved vendors that they may not submit this work to other publications while we are being considered for publication by Reverie Gallery. 
• I will not submit this event or shoot to other publications before it is declined or accepted and published by Reverie Gallery.
• If my feature is accepted, it will not be removed from the publication calendar for any reason. Once accepted I must wait to publish until after my feature is run.
• All of the information, spelling, credits, and links contained in this submission are correct.
• I have included vendor credits from every involved vendor and have double checked with my client prior to submission to make sure they are ok with being featured. *

Thank you so much for sending us a submission! We can't wait to see your features on the blog.
The Reverie Gallery Team

Special thanks to Oldani Photography for the beautiful image on our Submissions form!

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